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View: Is the current slowdown cyclical or structural?

By Deepti Mathew The Indian economy is passing through a phase of economic slowdown, with the GDP growth registering one of the lowest rates of 5.8 per cent in the last quarter of FY19. The GDP growth rate for the first quarter of FY20

economic slowdown: View: India has a labour productivity problem and i…

By Sajjid Z Chinoy The debate on whether India’s slowdown is cyclical or structural is moot. Both sets of forces are currently at play and, therefore, the policy response needs to be all-encompassing. For starters, there’s undeniably a cyclical element at play. Growth has

Three of Europe’s biggest economies are probably in recession — and th…

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff Three of Europe’s largest economies — Germany, Italy, and the UK — are either in recession or are on the verge of it, which could spell danger for the eurozone. Germany, Europe’s industrial backbone, is stuttering. The unemployment rate has risen for

Economic slowdown is here: Top company executives warn amid rising gro…

Following up on Naik’s comment, HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh said on Friday said there has been a “distinct slowdown” and highlighted the tight liquidity scenario pertaining to non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) and housing finance companies (HFCs).  After slipping two spots, India has lost its

Data could be key in driving India towards a $5 trillion economy

by Amit Kapoor While oil was the central resource around which the world revolved in the twentieth century, the battle ground has shifted in recent times. Data is the oil of the digital era. A recently released documentary on Netflix, The Great Hack, based

Four Ways Apollo 11 Paved The Way For the Internet Economy

Interior view of an ACE S/C (Acceptance Checkout Equipment, Spacecraft) computer control room as NASA staffers run systems check for an unspecified Apollo mission, 1960s. The room is located in one of several stations throughout the country which are Getty Images Neil Armstrong’s first

The Moneycontrol Show │CPSE ETFs Get 80C Benefit, $5Tn Economy by 2014…

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the Union Budget that going forward the CPSE ETF would be available in equity linked saving scheme formats and also suggesting there would be more such CPSE ETFs hitting the market. Kayezad Adajania, Moneycontrol’s Personal Finance Editor joins

Despite a strong economy, cost of living still top of mind for Canadia…

This story is part of a series digging into the results of a CBC News-commissioned online opinion poll of 4,500 Canadians ahead of the October federal election. Nuance is a lousy talking point. It’s easy enough for politicians to talk up a roaring economy.

US and UAE see ‘significant’ scope to deepen economic ties

Discussions held during the sixth US-UAE Economic Policy Dialogue in Washington The US and UAE held their sixth Economic Policy Dialogue in Washington on June 20. Alamy The UAE and US outlined the potential for “significant” scope to further expand economic ties during a

The rise of the gig economy helps London-based insurtech Zego to raise…

A couple of years ago London-based startup Zego realised gig-economy workers would need insurance, and went on to raise a very healthy £6 million in Series A funding, led by Balderton Capital. Its first products were pay-as-you-go scooter and car insurance for food delivery