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EU court rules three member states broke law over refugee quotas | Law

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic broke European law when they failed to give refuge to asylum seekers arriving in southern Europe, often having fled war in Syria and Iraq, the EU’s top court has ruled. The three central European countries now face possible

EU Commission to revise its budget proposal in light of COVID-19 crisi…

The European Commission will issue a new EU budget proposal to deal with the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced on Saturday. On 21 February, EU leaders failed to agree on the next EU budget,

EU states need 10 times more coronavirus equipment, internal document

BRUSSELS — European Union states need 10 times as much personal protective equipment and other medical devices, such as ventilators, to tackle the coronavirus than traditional supply chains can provide, an internal EU document showed on Wednesday. The 27-nation bloc has been scrambling for

Bulgaria says received virus help not from EU, but Turkey, China

Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov slammed the European Union for failing to provide assistance to the country amid the growing coronavirus outbreak. Karakachanov said that instead, help has been provided by neighboring Turkey, as well as China. “It turns out that the only institution

European markets focus on coronavirus

European markets gave up early gains on Tuesday with the fast-spreading coronavirus putting the continent in shutdown mode and fueling fears of an impending recession. The pan-European Stoxx 600 slipped 1.9% amid a choppy session, having gained 3% at the opening bell. Travel and leisure

EU pushes for circular economy to have longer-lasting products

Produce, use, and throw away? No, better reduce, reuse, and recycle, says the EU. The paradigm of the current linear economic model could be coming to an end, replaced by a circular economy, a system that seeks to better use the resources available and

Cheese Fight in the EU

Credit: Shutterstock The European Court of Justice has now focused in on the question of whether a Bulgarian cheese named BBQLOUMI can be registered with an EU trademark, Politico reports. This was after an appeal from the Halloumi Foundation in

India defers planned summit with EU due to coronavirus: government | W…

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India said on Thursday it had postponed a planned summit with the European Union due to the coronavirus outbreak. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was due to travel to Brussels later this month for meetings with EU leaders. “Both sides

Setomaa: The Estonia-Russia border tearing apart an ancient people

Image caption Seto people have a unique culture and their own god or king called Peko “It’s much more than a frustration, it’s a very strong feeling,” says community leader Oie Sarv, who spent much of her childhood in Russia. “It’s like your roots

EU calls for coordinated European response to coronavirus | News

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 5:43 a.m. CST by Thomson Reuters ROME (Reuters) – European Union countries should coordinate their responses to the outbreak of the coronavirus to avoid diverging approaches, the EU’s Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides told reporters. Speaking at a joint news conference