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Take a fresh look at our lifestyle in the new normal

THE coronavirus pandemic is set to continue until such time when a World Health Organisation-endorsed vaccine is found, which could be at least 18 to 24 months away. In the meantime, we have to protect ourselves by following the government’s mantra to practise social

Market on your calendars – Lifestyle – Salina Journal

Walking into the farmers’ market pavilion on 2020’s opening days has felt a little different. The blue-tape x’s spaced out on the ground brought some novel color to the asphalt. The coffee urn and plastic cups had been replaced by a couple containers of

Rich kids are now paying £450 to flaunt their lavish lifestyle on excl…

MOVE over Instagram – there’s a new app in town for Rich Kids to flaunt their lavish lifestyles on.  TCHIIN is capitalising on the ‘rich kids’ trend on social media, giving the super elite a fresh platform to show off their yachts, holidays, super

Married to the Military: Finding peace in my creative space – Lifestyl…

By Lauren Creamer, Correspondent Tuesday May 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM My family and I have been so blessed during this pandemic. Many, though, are facing financial hardships during this rough time that seems to have no end in sight. Military members have been blessed

Lockdown can trigger lifestyle diseases- The New Indian Express

Express News Service KOCHI: For a state formerly titled the diabetic capital of the country, a lockdown can mean several things. While the public is cooped up to avoid the spread of a communicable disease, non-communicable diseases are silently brewing in our households. Erratic

A Quarantine Lifestyle – The Sunflower

A playlist ranging from parodies to Beyoncé, made specifically for those living a not-so-successful quarantine lifestyle. Kamilah’s Picks  ‘Homecoming: The Live Album’ by Beyonce  Imagine this: You’re in your room with the fairy or LED lights illuminating what’s about to happen. You press play

EG restaurants adapt to coronavirus situation | Lifestyle

Restaurant dining rooms sit empty and many people are staying home as California tries to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). However, several Elk Grove restaurateurs are still offering new ways for community members to support them. The Citizen interviewed owners of

On Fox News, suddenly a very different tune about the coronavirus

With Trump’s declaration on Friday that the virus constitutes a national emergency, the tone on Fox News has quickly shifted. On his program on Friday, Hannity — the most watched figure on cable news — lauded the president’s handling of what the host is

Karen Telleen-Lawton: Time-travel by Train | Homes & Lifestyle

What would it have been like to travel by train from Los Angeles to San Francisco when the line first opened? I just unearthed essays written by my grandfather, A. Edward Telleen, who grew up near Paso Robles in the late 1800s. His description

Soft Orange Cake with Chef Stefano from Lifestyle Restaurant | WTAJ

Chef Stefano from Lifestyle Restaurant in Bedford shows Studio 814’s Jordan Tracy how to make a soft orange cake. SOFT ORANGE CAKE 1 1/2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 1/3 cup butter Eggs 4 Yeast 1 package 4 Oranges Melt the butter in a