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Trump impeachment: The stage is finally set for the dramatic, divisive…

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Hawaii Needs To Rough Up Its Brain-Dead Politics

Two kinds of politics befoul our lives in Hawaii. Call one “vicious” and the other “vacuous.” A double whammy. Vicious is way too much in your face. Vacuous sucks the political life out of you. Viciousness is more national. Vacuity is Hawaii’s very own.

Scott Morrison’s political ad is a bizarre act of self-love as firefig…

It really is hard to keep up with a prime minister who declares one minute disaster management is predominantly a state responsibility, and he won’t be running over the top of state premiers, and then, seemingly, five minutes later, calls out the ADF reserve,

Politics and Power Lurk Behind Montenegro Church Dispute

In the history of European nations, the church has played an important, if not key role, in the creation of nations, their identities, and their states. For example, The Anglican Church of England, The Church of Scotland or The Lutheran Churches of Norway, Iceland,

Anthony Joshua hits out at ‘annoying boxing politics’ as he accepts he…

ANTHONY JOSHUA has accepted he could be forced to vacate one of his heavyweight belts. The Brit got his revenge against Andy Ruiz Jr earlier this month when he outpointed the 20st Mexican. 3 Anthony Joshua holds four world titles – but he could

Trump news live: Latest impeachment updates as president faces mountin…

Republicans turn on Trump over vicious rally attack on congresswoman’s late husband   The president has meanwhile been attracting criticism from his fellow Republicans after attacking Democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell and suggesting her late husband John is in hell during his rally in Battle

Cyprus’ halloumi cheese entangled in politics

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Dairy farmers on Cyprus refer to halloumi as “white gold.” The salty, rubbery cheese made from goats’ and sheep’s milk and prized for its ability to withstand a grill without melting is the country’s leading export. Cypriot authorities have spent

Jeremy Corbyn: boy lying on hospital floor is a political issue | Poli…

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted the experience of a four-year-old boy having to lie on a hospital floor while he waited for a bed is a political issue. A photograph of Jack Williment-Barr, who was waiting for treatment for suspected pneumonia at Leeds General infirmary,

General election: Four Brexit Party MEPs quit to back Conservatives | …

Four Brexit Party MEPs – including Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata – are quitting the party and urging people to back the Conservatives at the upcoming election. Leader Nigel Farage said he was “disappointed” they “don’t seem to understand” that the Tories are splitting the pro-Leave

Best politics books of 2019 | Books

It’s not long now until Britain finds out what Santa has brought us for a government. But whether the election delivers just what you’ve always wanted, or merely the political equivalent of a stocking full of ashes, somewhere out there is a book that