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Exodus: how a movement of black people is reshaping South Carolina pol…

Najeema Davis Washington spent more than 15 years as a federal employee in Washington DC before she returned to Charleston, the city she left in 1996. She brought with her a progressive outlook that ran counter to the traditionally moderate views of her old

It’s time politicians embraced their sexual desires | Dave Madden | Op…

When sex enters America’s national politics, it’s almost always the result of assault or scandal. The current president is a self-avowed perpetrator who defended the alleged pedophile Roy Moore and was buddies with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton faced a scandal

Trump’s only impeachment lesson is to grab more power

The result is that he expands his own power by confounding institutional restraints and opening a zone of presidential impunity — while at the same time delighting his political base. “I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this horrible thing. And I

Norwich City Council buys Harlow Travelodge for £6.2m | Politics

PUBLISHED: 06:30 08 February 2020 | UPDATED: 09:03 08 February 2020 Norwich City Council has bought this Travelodge in Harlow. (left) Martin Schmierer (right) Paul Kendrick. Picture: Simon Finlay/Archant/Google Street View. Simon Finlay/Archant/Google Street View Norwich City Council has bought a Travelodge in Essex

Political risk is officially here: Morning Brief

Monday, February 3, 2020 Get the Morning Brief sent directly to your inbox every Monday to Friday by 6:30 a.m. ET. Subscribe The Iowa Caucus will kick off the 2020 presidential election The stock market entered 2020 on a high note and ended January with

Mike Pompeo set to meet Dominic Raab, as minister insists Huawei decis…

Members of the European Parliament will launch into an emotional rendition of Auld Lang Syne after they vote in favour of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in Brussels today, James Crisp reports. Terry Reintke, a German green MEP, is organising the song after the final

Revealed: complex post-Brexit checks for Northern Irish traders | Poli…

The “straightforward” document that Northern Irish businesses will need to complete to send goods to Great Britain after Brexit is a complex form that includes 31 data elements, it can be revealed. The Freight Transport Association has raised concerns that hauliers could be fined

Now Boris Johnson has really turned politics into a puppet show | Stew…

My metropolitan liberal elitist friends here in 78.5% Remain-voting Hackney do not hold BBC news in high regard, its election coverage considered biased in favour of the government and Laura Kuenssberg merely a horrid flesh trombone through which Dominic Cumming honks his reverberating falsehoods.

Trump impeachment: The stage is finally set for the dramatic, divisive…

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Hawaii Needs To Rough Up Its Brain-Dead Politics

Two kinds of politics befoul our lives in Hawaii. Call one “vicious” and the other “vacuous.” A double whammy. Vicious is way too much in your face. Vacuous sucks the political life out of you. Viciousness is more national. Vacuity is Hawaii’s very own.