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Newfoundlander with brain cancer helping navigate world where ‘everyth…

Matt Ralph’s first brain tumour wasn’t the one that changed everything. Ralph saw the seizure he had in his sleep at 22, which led to an MRI scan and then emergency brain surgery in St. John’s, as a “roadblock.” “Something that would put my life on hold

Australia’s Encryption-Busting Law Could Impact the World

Australia’s parliament passed controversial legislation on Thursday that will allow the country’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies to demand access to end-to-end encrypted digital communications. This means that Australian authorities will be able to compel tech companies like Facebook and Apple to make backdoors

This child might already be the best boxing coach in the world

This child might already be the best boxing coach in the world This child might already be the best boxing coach in the world The future of boxing is in good hands. I found this on FTW and wanted to share: %link% For more

Argentina prosecutors considering charges against Mohammed bin Salman …

Argentine prosecutors are considering charging Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman with war crimes and torture if he flies to Buenos Aires for the G20 summit this week. The move comes after advocacy group Human Rights Watch wrote to a federal prosecutor arguing

World’s MOST ISOLATED tribe sealed off from world: Where are tribe tha…

He had come ashore on India’s remote North Sentinel Island, where tourists are forbidden to visit. The 27-year-old was a self-proclaimed adventurer, but there have also been claims he was travelling to the island, which is off the coast of the Andaman Islands, as a

India v Australia: Women’s World Twenty20 – live! | Sport

12.28pm EST12:28 WICKET! Lanning c Krishnamurthy b Radha 10 (16 balls), Australia 56-2 They’ve been annoying Lanning by bowling way outside off stump, and she’s been impatiently walking across to hit balls that may have been wides had she left them alone. Finally she

Trudeau says Canada received Turkish tape of Khashoggi murder | World …

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has become the first western leader to confirm Turkish claims that an audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder exists and has been passed to intelligence agencies. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said he had given recordings “to Saudi

‘Scary new world’: political book sales explode as UK readers seek ans…

Political book sales have exploded in politics publishing this year, according to Britain’s largest bookseller, Waterstones. The company attributed the growth to writers and readers “urgently seeking to understand this scary new world”. The UK bookshop chain, which has more than 280 branches, has

Max Whitlock: British gymnast just misses out on world gold

World Gymnastics Championships: Whitlock loses out on pommel gold in dramatic tie-break British gymnast Max Whitlock just missed out on a third consecutive pommel title at the World Championships as he won silver in Doha on Friday. The double Olympic champion matched Chinese winner

AO World’s John Roberts: loosening the leadership grip

At the end of the tumultuous first day of trading in AO World’s shares in 2014, John Roberts was worth £542m on paper, a fortune roughly equal to that of Harry Potter author JK Rowling, reported the Financial Times. It seemed fantastical — or